Diploma Plus

2016-2017 Diploma Plus Students can now apply for the Youth Education Foundation Scholarship.

1) Must be a 2016-2017 recipient of the Sam J. Riklin Rotary Diploma Plus
2) Must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.
3) Must plan on attending college during the 2017-2018 academic year at an
accredited college or university.

Accessing the Application

This application is an online application. A downloadable version of the application is
not available. All applications must be submitted via the web. We recommend that
prior to filling out the application that you obtain a digital copy of the following items:

  •  Copy of your SAT Scores
  •  High School Transcript (does not have to be official)
  •  Essay of 500 words or less describing your interests and a summary of your future goals
  •  A letter of recommendation from a counselor or faculty member


Applications must be submitted by Friday, May  5, 2016. Applications submitted after that date will not be accepted.

The Diploma Plus Difference

The Rotary Club of San Antonio is proud to serve the youth of Bexar County through the Sam J. Riklin Rotary Diploma Plus Program. The Rotary Club of San Antonio believes that students, who are committed to achieve an education, especially when faced with adversity, are more likely to become productive members of our community.

Education is the key to our city’s successful future. In an effort to be successful in our endeavors to increase the graduation rate in San Antonio, we are asking for your support. Our goal is to raise $100,000 and with your assistance we can reach that goal.

Why Diploma Plus Matters

Meet Ceyma

About 2 months ago my family and I had to leave the house for some landowner’s reasons, we had no place to stay, having no money at that time was a huge struggle, and we couldn’t find a cheap hotel room when all we had was about forty-five dollars. We were glad that there were some kind people who were willing to let us stay at their house for a while until we found a place. There were some times my hygiene wasn’t so well, we didn’t have any hygiene things for ourselves at the time and maybe also work.

Meet Florencio

My mother is originally from San Antonio but went to Tennessee to have a fresh start. My father is from Mexico but moved to Tennessee for a better life. My parents soon met and had children together; three years later my mother realized that she had to leave to escape an abusive relationship. Since I was three my mother had to care for multiple children by herself as a single mother. Without the support of my father, financial stability became difficult, almost impossible. Supporting five kids with a minimum wage income meant we’d struggle. To this day financial struggles affect my family, and me which is why this scholarship would be helpful during my senior year especially when it comes to applying to colleges which have fees that my mother would not be able to afford.