Diploma Plus

Diploma Plus

Applications are now being accepted!

Below is information to help you successfully apply for the Sam J. Riklin Rotary Diploma Plus Program.

The purpose of this program is to provide financial assistance to students who are at risk of not graduating from High School due to financial concerns or hardships.

This is needs based and is not based on your academic performance.

100 area high school students will be selected. If you are selected, you will receive $1,000 during your Senior Year in high school.


1)    You must currently be a junior.

2)    Your high school must be located in San Antonio.

Please read all of the information prior to submitting an application.

This application is an online application.  A downloadable version of the application is not available.  All applications must be submitted via the web. 

RECOMMENDATION - Is there a teacher, counselor or school administrator at your school who knows you well and will give you a recommendation?  Let us know their name, email and phone number and we will request one for you. 


Applications must be submitted by Friday, December 16, 2016. Applications submitted after that date will not be accepted.